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What’s with all these videos?

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Noticing a lot more videos on the web these days? Without a doubt, the use of video has exploded online – and while viewers are definitely watching cute cat videos, they’re also learning about businesses and products.

YouTube now has over a billion users worldwide. In addition, advertising on YouTube has reached new heights, as the number of channels earning six figures per year from advertising is now up 50% year over year.

What’s fuelling all of this growth? Smartphones and tablets have a lot to do with it.  With better networks and improved bandwidth, more people view and access videos from mobile devices, which means they can easily view videos while on the go. In fact, a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau study showed that mobile video consumption is expected to surpass desktop consumption by the end of this year.

Why video?

One of the best things about video is its flexibility. With video, you can provide information or share your story in a unique way by making things as simple or as high-tech as you choose, so it’s no surprise that more and more companies are choosing it as a primary marketing tool.

Plus, online video allows you to promote your brand with a wide variety of audiences. It provides an experience that both entertains and educates an audience, creating a more personal feel and connection with viewers than is possible in text alone. And having video on your company website helps boost your search engine rankings.

So, how can your business benefit from this medium? You can certainly create online ads and commercials, but here are four additional areas in which companies are using videos to educate, inform and sell:

1. Customer testimonials

Creating case studies or video testimonials with satisfied customers can serve as a great way to promote your business. Nothing is more enticing to potential buyers than seeing and hearing customers rave about your company, explain how great your products are and how they helped solve a problem!

2. Presentations

A well-produced video can provide a professional presentation for a board meeting or pitch. Especially for a project bid, a video can not only highlight your capabilities, but also demonstrate your serious commitment and interest in taking on a project.

3. Email campaigns

In the past, it was difficult to include video footage in emails. Plus, emails with videos tended to be really big, so they either wouldn’t load properly in an inbox or would end up in SPAM folders. However, with advances in technology – such as HTML5, new types of image compression, greater bandwidth and the use of smartphones and tablets – it’s much easier to incorporate videos in an email.

4. Training/Education

Videos are a great way to welcome new staff, review policies and procedures, and share new concepts. Health and safety issues are a popular education topic within organisations, and videos can serve as a cost-effective way to educate large numbers of employees.  Plus, with more employees working from home, an online video can serve as a great way of sharing information.

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