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Don’t forget the marketing basics

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Do you want to grow your business — and know marketing is essential — but have no idea where to start?  You’re not alone. I meet with business owners like you regularly, and everyone wants to know about the latest…

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Social media: Tools, Tips and B2Me

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When it comes to social media for businesses, with sixty-two per cent of Australians using social media sites every day, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘how’ and ‘how much’. Not surprisingly, the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report,…

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This is why you still need great content

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With customers being constantly bombarded by advertisements, emails, text messages and social posts, you may wonder, “Is it really worth spending my time producing even more content?” The short answer is yes. Creating great content is still key to building…

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One-to-One Marketing: Tips & Tools

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In last year’s post on targeted email campaigns, we talked about the rise in personalised marketing for businesses. That trend is only going to continue in 2016. Why? One-to-one marketing (or 1:1 marketing) has been shown to foster greater customer…

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Choosing a web designer

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If you’re thinking of updating your website – or building a brand new one – you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you do it yourself, using one of the DIY website tools like Wix or Weebly, or do…

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5 Common Copywriting Mistakes

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Struggling to use the correct words in your writing? You’re not alone. There are many pairs of words in English with similar spellings or pronunciations that cause confusion in written communication. Here are five pairs that frequently cause trouble, along…

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