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One-to-One Marketing: Tips & Tools

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In last year’s post on targeted email campaigns, we talked about the rise in personalised marketing for businesses. That trend is only going to continue in 2016. Why? One-to-one marketing (or 1:1 marketing) has been shown to foster greater customer…

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Should I buy an email list?

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A client recently asked me “Should I buy an email list?” They have a small email list of potential customers but want more as they expand their services.  You may be in a similar position, perhaps you’re a new company…

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Choosing a web designer

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If you’re thinking of updating your website – or building a brand new one – you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you do it yourself, using one of the DIY website tools like Wix or Weebly, or do…

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Your data: is it time for some housekeeping?

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Your customer data is one of the most valuable assets your company has.  But from my experience of working with clients, data is often the biggest marketing headache they have too.   Being able to mail, email or phone people…

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Trends in web design, plus more Google changes coming

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Website technology and design change fast. And as companies get a better sense of how people are interacting with websites (not to mention where and how they’re viewing them with mobile devices), designers are creating websites to match. Here are…

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Let’s get personal: Creating targeted email campaigns

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To be effective in marketing you must tailor your efforts to customers’ wants and needs as much as possible in order to build loyalty and increase the number of purchases from existing customers. For instance, let’s say a particular customer…

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Attending a Networking Event? Don’t Leave Home Without These 4 Tips.

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In my final blog post of 2014, I wrote about the value of various kinds of networking groups, which can be extremely useful for making contacts in your industry, getting involved in the community and growing your business. If you’ve…

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How Do You Get More ‘Plugged In’?

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I’m still staggered by the closeness of the Adelaide business networks – there seems to be about one degree of separation between people! It’s an extremely connected city, which is great for referrals and networking.  The phrase “It’s not what…

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Tips for Improving Your Omni-Channel Marketing

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Have you been working on improving your website for mobile users? Fantastic. Now, what about improving your user experience across all devices and platforms? Today’s consumers are on the go, they do their homework online (probably on multiple devices) and…

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Mobile website vs. mobile app – Or both?

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Wondering if your business should develop a mobile website or a mobile app? The answer probably depends on your business needs and goals. Before determining which is the right choice for your business, let’s take a quick look at what…

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