The Work

In 2023, Breathe Marketing started working with V2E, a company that had only started in 2020. V2E was on the verge of launching a new estimating service for full house builds, beyond the traditional timber component, but they needed to package and promote it effectively. So we went ‘back to basics’ and started with features, benefits and outcomes, and things started to take shape. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of work and now we run their entire marketing function. Work has included:

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Development of a 12-month marketing calendar and implementation of all activities
  • Tracking all activities through Microsoft Planner
  • Website redevelopment
  • Launch of other new services
  • Creation of other marketing assets including videos and promotional materials
  • A lead generation program using digital advertising on social media and Google working with Market Ease. This has included project management, creation of lead magnets and other assets. It’s been an extremely successful strategy, attracting many new customers so far
  • A recruitment campaign using digital advertising, working with Market Ease. Again, this was very successful and resulted in the appointment of new employees, at a fraction of the cost of using a recruitment agent or advertising on Seek
  • Running their social media channels including all content creation and management
  • Implementing a new CRM system to include email marketing, drip feed sequences, pipeline management and conversion tracking
  • Research and liaison with builder groups, industry associations and other industry groups to leverage the most relevant channels to market

V2E has been one of our most successful clients to date, in terms of taking something relatively embryonic and turning it into a fast-growing business focussed on lead generation and customer expansion. Having such an entrepreneurial owner who is willing to take risks, invest in marketing and has a long-term vision, have been key to their success. We’re honoured to have been chosen by V2E to help support their growth.

The Client

Vision 2 Estimating (V2E) is an innovative outsourced estimating service, revolutionising the construction industry with its unique approach to accurate estimation using 3D models and technology. These are tools unique to V2E and they are taking the building industry by storm. Estimating is normally a painful (and overlooked) part of the construction process and if you get it wrong can cause no end of problems. So V2E offers a great solution and an entirely new approach. It’s run by an extremely fast-moving and successful entrepreneur, Michael Read, and we’re privileged to help him grow his business.
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