The Work

Breathe Marketing has worked with Peter Fisher Lawyers off and on since 2013. In the early days we assisted with creating a Marketing Plan and marketing activities to provide a better pathway for growth, which we revisited when we were re-engaged to work with them in 2020 as part of a new Strategic direction for the firm, following the unfortunate passing of the founder, Peter Fisher. Working with the sole owner, Peter Earl, Breathe Marketing has provided strategic marketing assistance, along with a rebrand that was launched in January 2021. Guidance and direction was given on a number of marketing activities including social media, website, SEO, Google ads, blogs, brochures, measuring marketing activities as well as refining their positioning to provide greater clarity on the role they provide clients throughout their lives.


The Client

Peter Fisher Lawyers is a law firm with a team of 10 people operating from three offices in South Australia. They work with clients throughout all the major decisions and events in their life, offering Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Family Law and Conveyancing.
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