The Work

Let them eat is run by two amazing women with skills that complement each other perfectly, to create a fast-growing food business. Breathe Marketing started working with Let them Eat in 2020 and we can hardly keep up with them! After writing a comprehensive Marketing Plan which helped to clarify their target markets, positioning and potential marketing actions to grow the business even further, we set about creating a new website which truly sets out their stall. Direction has also been provided to get more out of their social media channels, to start email marketing for the first time and to get the most out of blog writing. Marketing activities have been centred around automating things as much as possible so that tailored marketing is aimed at particular target markets, which in LTE’s case are varied. The owners of this business are already brilliant at marketing, they just needed a steer every now and then. It’s been great to just provide marketing services where they are needed most, to complement what they are already doing – and of course we love being a sounding board whenever required.


The Client

Let them eat creates tasty, healthy, convenient and comforting food which we can personally vouch for – it’s delicious! Operating out of various retail stores in Adelaide, along with regular attendance at local markets and events, and appearances in selected supermarkets and gourmet stores, Let them eat continues to take South Australia by storm.
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