The Work

We have worked with Accru Harris Orchard since 2008 and offer a complete outsourced marketing service.  Regular marketing work includes social media content creation and management; marketing planning; meeting with the Directors on individual marketing actions; branding; advertising; media; launching new services; client eshots; and prospecting activities.

Accru Harris Orchard is a really progressive business and recently we have launched three new services, two needing their own website and all three needing lots of promotion and marketing.  One of the services is a really unique offering in Adelaide: a profit improvement program called ProfitSurge.  It’s great to be working with a business so long and doing work that continues to be challenging.

The Client

Accru Harris Orchard exists to build great businesses – to help their clients improve their financial security and increase their financial potential. With a 50-year history in Adelaide, and traditionally an accounting firm, their focus is less on compliance work now and more on driving business success for their clients.