We love it when a plan comes together.  If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, a marketing plan can give you essential clarity.  Developing marketing plans for all kinds of businesses over many years has allowed us to arrive at a winning formula:

  • A review of your business, customers, markets and competitors
  • Clarification of your marketing objectives – normally linked to your overall financial and business objectives
  • Identification of which marketing strategies will best serve those objectives e.g. developing new markets or new products/services
  • Definition of your target markets
  • Clarity on your overall positioning and key selling points
  • Assessment of marketing tools at your disposal, including ads; promotional material; online marketing; sponsorship; PR; selling and lead generation; events and trade shows; and customer relationship management.

Our marketing plans are in plain English – with no obscure marketing phrases that will leave you wondering what on earth we’re talking about.  They are practical and down-to-earth guides and they finish with clear action plans that tell you what needs to happen and when.  A Breathe Marketing plan won’t sit on a shelf in your office gathering dust.

If you don’t need the ‘full monty’ we can work on any individual aspect – perhaps you simply need a review of your competitors, and to work out how you can sell yourselves better.  We plug in where you need us most, including support for the following:

  • Business plans – assistance with the development and implementation
  • Marketing audit – review of your current marketing activities with recommendations
  • Monitoring progress – establishment of sales/marketing key performance indicators