New Customers

Most of our clients want to generate new customers.  It’s an important part of growing your business and it’s something we do well.

A good starting point is to identify who you want as new customers.  This is often picked up in our marketing planning  work.  There are a number of potential targets for your products or services, but there are important questions to answer. Are they in a growing or declining market?  Are they easy to identify and reach?  Are they likely to buy your products and services with the highest margins?

It’s hard work to get a new customer so we focus on the areas that are going to yield the highest return for your efforts and budget.

Market research
We can help you to research the market so both we and you are better informed about who and where your potential customers are.  This helps to be sure how we can reach them.  Research can also produce actual contact details of potential new customers, so that we’re ready to hit the ground running.

Lead generation
There are many ways to get in front of potential new customers but the most direct method is to approach them directly.  This can involve getting a target list together, researching the company, developing a pitch and contacting them via direct mail/email and telephone – also known as a ‘cold call’.  We can do all of the leg-work for you, including making the initial call.   Lead generation can also include website work, to make your website ‘sticky’ with strong calls to action to encourage visitors to contact you.

Competitive tenders
We can provide advice and support on winning tenders, including designing proposal templates and creating or editing the content.