Facebook Updates: What You Should Know

Facebook Updates: What You Should Know

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As we noted in a recent post on SEO, businesses get really nervous when Google changes their algorithm because it can affect online search rankings. However, Google isn’t the only online giant to do this; Facebook has recently made some changes to their News Feed algorithm that are likely to affect your marketing.

Here’s some information on the changes from Facebook that you’ll want to be aware of:

News Feed Algorithm, Part 1

Feel as though no one “likes” you anymore? You may have noticed that the number of “likes” from your friends and fans has been down in recent days. The good news: It’s not you. The bad news: Your friends and fans may never have had the chance to see your updates in the first place.

With the News Feed algorithm changes, it’s now harder and harder for your posts to show up in feeds at all. Why would they make this change? Facebook states that they’re trying to give viewers “the most interesting stories at the top of their feed and display them in the best way possible” – and have therefore made changes based on their research results.

The underlying reason? Most likely, it’s because Facebook wants to cash in on your updates. Want to make sure everyone sees your post? Facebook will be happy to share it with everyone – for a price. (Note the handy “Boost Post” option that now appears when you create your updates.)

News Feed Algorithm, Part 2

In general, Facebook has said they will now be showing more text-based status updates from individuals, but fewer text-based status updates from Business Pages. However, the good news is that they will probably show more status updates from Pages that are media- or link-based (rather than just text-based).

If you want to share a link in your post, Facebook recommends using the “link share” option instead of embedding the link in the text. Instead of this:

Forbes Facebook update

You’ll want to set up your post like this:

Facebook Updates: What You Should Know

How to do this: When you add a link to a Facebook status update, the image with the title and description should get pulled into the post, thus creating a “link share” post (as in image #2 above). You can then delete the link in the status update box because the image and the description will already be clickable for your viewers.

Have more questions about how to set up a link share? Need to set up a business Facebook page for your company? Let us know!


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