The Rise of Voice Search & How it Affects Website Optimisation

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Think about your most recent online searches. Were you using your computer, did you ask your phone for help while you were driving or walking down the street, or did you use a smart-home voice control device? Google initially launched…

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What’s new with Google My Business and why does it matter?

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It’s no secret that when it comes to online search, Google is king. According to Net Marketshare, almost 75% of all search in 2017 was through Google – and they had over 90% of all mobile search. So, if your website…

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Marketing trends - 2018

How marketing continues to keep us on our toes: Top trends for 2018

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I’ve worked in marketing my whole career and I still can’t believe how much it’s changed. Luckily, I love change.  And I love technology (can’t help it, being married to an Early Adopter)!  So, it won’t surprise you to know…

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Tablet used for content marketing

This is why you still need great content

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With customers being constantly bombarded by advertisements, emails, text messages and social posts, you may wonder, “Is it really worth spending my time producing even more content?” The short answer is yes. Creating great content is still key to building…

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How to get more online customer reviews

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When customers look for a new business, product or service, where do they go? Online. They do some research.  Part of that research involves reading reviews and nearly 90% of consumers trust them as much as personal recommendations. Google also…

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SEO Best Practices – Part 2: On-Site SEO and Why Good Content Matters

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As we mentioned in our last post on SEO best practices, SEO is a huge topic and is comprised of many elements. In this post, we’re going to talk a bit about on-site SEO. On-site (or on-page) SEO is what’s…

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SEO graphic

SEO Best Practices – Part 1

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Every company wants to create a website that’s attractive. But if customers can’t find your site in the first place, it won’t matter how pretty it is. That’s where SEO comes in. As mentioned in a previous post on SEO,…

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Blocking spam

Bot Battles: Getting Accurate Google Analytics Reports

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It was all so beautiful in the beginning. Your website went live. Then you set up Google Analytics and started checking your reports, getting great information about your customers, how they were using your site and where they were coming from.…

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Sydney Opera House on Google

Hummingbird: Google’s newest algorithm update

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It seems like it was only yesterday that Google released its Penguin algorithm update, a change that left plenty of webmasters scrambling to get rid of bad links from their sites. But Google is certainly not one to rest when…

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SEO: Don't get blinded with science

SEO – don’t get blinded with science

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I’ve already written a couple of blogs on the rather mystical world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  For example, in “How a search engine works: SEO 101,” we talked a bit about how search engines work and how knowing that information…

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