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The importance of storytelling in content marketing

The importance of storytelling in content marketing

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I recently attended a seminar where there were no visual aids, no group work and no notes – just a guy talking. But what felt like a five-minute talk actually lasted over one and a half hours. The presentation topic…

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Digital marketing basics graphic

Don’t forget the marketing basics

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Do you want to grow your business — and know marketing is essential — but have no idea where to start?  You’re not alone. I meet with business owners like you regularly, and everyone wants to know about the latest…

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GDPR lock

How does the GDPR impact you?

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Disclaimer It’s unusual for me to start with a disclaimer, but on this subject I must. I am not a lawyer. I have compiled this information myself with the aim of providing my clients with the kind of practical, down-to-earth…

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one-to-one marketing

One-to-One Marketing: Tips & Tools

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In last year’s post on targeted email campaigns, we talked about the rise in personalised marketing for businesses. That trend is only going to continue in 2016. Why? One-to-one marketing (or 1:1 marketing) has been shown to foster greater customer…

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Should I buy an email list?

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A client recently asked me “Should I buy an email list?” They have a small email list of potential customers but want more as they expand their services.  You may be in a similar position, perhaps you’re a new company…

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Your data: is it time for some housekeeping?

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Your customer data is one of the most valuable assets your company has.  But from my experience of working with clients, data is often the biggest marketing headache they have too.   Being able to mail, email or phone people…

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Let’s get personal: Creating targeted email campaigns

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To be effective in marketing you must tailor your efforts to customers’ wants and needs as much as possible in order to build loyalty and increase the number of purchases from existing customers. For instance, let’s say a particular customer…

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Email campaigns – some do’s and don’ts

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Even with the sharp rise of social media marketing, there’s no question that email is still an incredibly powerful and cost-effective tool for reaching out to your customers.  Plus, with most email programs, you can quickly track the success of…

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