You may think that the first thing a marketing consultant will do is re-brand your business.  That isn’t our style – anyone can criticise a logo and offer alternative versions, and rebranding simply for the sake of rebranding is costly. It also may not get you closer to achieving your goals.

Of course your logo can be improved, your tagline may read better and the way you talk about your business could be addressed.  We can help with any brand issues, but we don’t suggest rebranding unless it is really preventing you from moving forward.

Breathe Marketing branding work is always done in the context of what you are trying to achieve.  For example you might want to expand interstate, in which case your company name needs to avoid a local geographic reference that could hamper those plans.

Branding work can include:

  • Coming up with alternative company names
  • Writing new taglines
  • Developing a new logo with associated stationery
  • Creating new marketing materials that really start to bring your new brand alive
  • Refining your positioning and overall key selling points.