Marketing Pearls of Wisdom

Turn customers into friends

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Here are my top five tips to improve your customer relationships: Ask for feedback. If you have email addresses for your customers, consider sending out a short email survey after they make a purchase. (Survey Monkey and Zoomerang are two free online survey options to check out.) Ask about their experience, level of satisfaction, and suggestions…

2013 planning tips

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Considering your marketing options for the new year? Here are four suggestions to keep in mind as you plan your strategy for 2013: Vary your approach. There are literally hundreds of ways to get your message out to customers, so don’t limit yourself to just one or two. If something is working well for you,…

Stay alert

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Use Google Alerts to receive daily email updates on the latest content being added to Google which contain certain key words. All you do is enter a search query you wish to monitor.  This could be: Your company or product name – monitor what is being written about your company or products Competitor names…